Putting your mind at ease as we take care of your child.
children doing arts

Our before and after school care is for ages 5-12 years. Teachers provide homework assistance and help all in a positive, supportive and nurturing environment. Self-selected activities give each child the opportunity to create an environment that allows them to take part in shaping their afterschool experience. Developmentally appropriate curriculum and activities are introduced to help foster a happier, healthier and informative child. We have flexible seating as a way of offering a more relaxing environment after a tedious day at school.

STEAM Curriculum

STEAM is an acronym for fives areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. These subject areas are a part of our daily activities for our children in the center.

STEAM learning incorporates activities that encourage knowledge of everyday problem solving, creative and critical thinking. Science and Technology are included through various activities and experiments, the Discovery Channel Magazine and Scholastic Scopes are used to guide our topics and provide insight for our children. Technology is promoted through photography, coding and power point building. We further introduce them to download and edit pictures and videos, operate Google Docs, Slides and Forms, and how to create their website. Engineering offers the chance for children to experience robotics, bridge design and building, developing blueprints and plans of various structures. Art is an integral part of our classroom; it allows the children to express their creativity and individuality. Mathematics is integrated throughout the curriculum, with an emphasis on number sense, geometry, fractions, and problem-solving.

To learn more about our child-centered curriculum, you may leave us a message or give us a visit at any time.