Nurturing your child from 24-36 months old.
children inside learning center

Toddlers are learning new vocabulary, perfecting how they move through their environment and making connections with others. Our lessons focus on cultivating these connections through song, finger play, reading, and games. Toddlers build their imagination as we encourage them to name colors, objects, and people.

We begin to use words to express wants, needs, and identifying people and objects. Scholars Academy Child Development Center teachers encourage the children to use words and sign language to communicate their needs.

Fine motor skills are developed in the small muscle groups like those in our fingers and hand. Through hand washing activities, picking up a tiny object and practicing the pincer grip at this stage help prepare them for writing. Toddlers have many opportunities to practice their skills throughout the day. Our teachers encourage them to work at their speed, so they feel successful in the skills they are developing.

Throwing, catching and lots of climbing in our age-appropriate outdoor playground to build gross motor skills. We all participate in helping to clean up after playing and meals giving our children a sense of responsibility as part of their fun daily activities. Through play, we encourage sharing and being respectful to others strengthening their social skills.

To learn more about our child-centered curriculum, you may leave us a message or give us a visit at any time.