Preparing your child for kindergarten.
girl in a classroom playing

At Scholars Academy Child Development Center, children are given a choice to participate and help design their daily activities encouraging creative learning, problem-solving and leadership skills. Children at this age are engaged in hands-on activities which consequently develop the skills necessary to succeed at school, home and their communities.

At this stage, we begin to put letters together to make words, and words together to form sentences. Your child will practice writing skills while writing their name and simple words. During circle time throughout the day, the children are encouraged to share stories, songs, and their opinions to the class.

For our mathematics lessons, we will include counting, object comparison, participate in making graphs, completing patterns and measure items with conventional and nonconventional measuring tools.

Science with this age group will include observations, daily weather charts and identify differences in the seasons. We will offer hands-on activity such as planting seeds and record growth, learn about chemical reactions such as baking soda and vinegar and other fun and interactive experiments.

Children begin to understand the meaning of friendship at this age. They hug each other, hold hands and start building relationships with one another. At the Scholars Academy Child Development Center, we encourage children to discuss their emotions with each other. The Peace Chairs are our way to introduce children to conflict resolution and expressing their feelings to their peers.

This group of children has gained control of their fine motor skills. They use crayons to turn scribbles into letters and words. They can zip, button and snap their clothes. During Family Style Dining, four-year-olds will serve themselves, open drinks and food packages independently, and use forks, spoons, and napkins.

To learn more about our child-centered curriculum, you may leave us a message or give us a visit at any time.