We help prepare your little ones for future academic endeavors.
teacher teaching a child

Children are naturally curious at this stage and have the insatiable desire to learn. We offer tools they need to explore and learn about the world in a comfortable, secure environment.

We create opportunities for them to sing and chant developing their vocabulary. Reading and storytelling is always a favorite at the stage, and we actively enforce this in all our daily lessons. Through these activities, we encourage counting, shape and color recognition. Children at our center are given the opportunity to investigate with age-appropriate science experiments at their sand and water table, outside at their playground and through an educational field trip.

Scholars Academy Child Development Center, helps children build their independence. This is a vital time for children to interact and play alongside their peers and to begin learning how to solve problems effectively. During centers, the children are given the opportunity to pretend and play with peers positively.

Children’s independence continues to develop as they practice their motor skills by feeding themselves with fork and spoons, putting on their shoes and jackets. They also practice writing, using scissors and completing puzzles. The learning continues when their gross motor skills are heightened by playing on our playgrounds. Children also love to dance and have fun with the many musical activities incorporated into Scholars Academy Child Development Center daily schedule.

To learn more about our child-centered curriculum, you may leave us a message or give us a visit at any time.